Our story

In December 2012, I was Christmas shopping with my parents in Norwich when my 56 year old dad suddenly collapsed. He was having a cardiac arrest and within an hour he was gone.

I learned afterwards that there had been no publicly accessible defibrillator nearby and the one which was used on my dad came from the local police station, which took precious time to reach him.  I also learned a shocking fact : if someone has a cardiac arrest and receives CPR their survival rate is 9%.  If they receive treatment from a defibrillator and shockable rhythm their chance increases to 60%.  Had there been an easily accessible 24-hour defibrillator in Norwich city centre my dad may still be here.

I’ve started My One Heart because, through the sadness of losing my dad, I want everyone to be aware of the importance of having easily accessible defibrillators in public places.  From every sale of my products, £5.00 will go towards putting 24-hour defibrillators in public places around the UK. Money raised will go to Heart 2 heart Norfolk.

Heart 2 Norfolk

Locally and ethically sourced

My One Heart make a conscious choice to use fair trade organic cotton. We want to support those in the industry trying to make change for a good and improve working conditions. We are proud to use Fair Wear Clothing.

We are passionate about sourcing locally. We hand screen print in Norfolk using eco-friendly water based vinyl printing.